US Based Male (Michigan)

Ladies, picture this. A 37 year old, 6 foot tall hunk of a man who is down to earth and hardworking. Based in Michigan, when he is not toiling away at work in the medical field he likes to take long scenic walks.

As a gentleman who’s never been married and would like to settle down and have kids, he is looking for his Queen.

His perfect match is a beautiful curvy 25-30 year old woman, witty with a good sense of humor. If you believe you are a good match to our Kisii King, it’s time to set up that date.


US Based Kenyan Male (ATL)

Based in Atlanta, our client is 52 years young. Age truly is nothing but a number with this youthful yet extremely mature 5 foot 7 father of four. A responsible man looking to live his best life in a mutually responsible way. You’ll never experience a dull moment around him. His stellar personality was built from growing up in a big family where there was lots of love flowing around. And it’s that same sense of love and openness that he brings to his relationships.

Despite the fact that he is a successful medical scientist who’s been living and working in the US for over 25 years, do not let that career description fool you. This is a very romantic gentleman. Having come from a family where his father was very loving to his mother, he picked up very strong family values.

And it is those family values that he is looking for in the ideal match. A 36-42 year old woman who truly appreciates traditional marriage values. A gorgeous woman with a good heart who could one day turn this empty nester’s house into a real home with the sunshine of her presence. He doesn’t want any more kids. He’d much rather spend all his time and energy focusing on you and the beauty of your relationship.


US Based Kenyan Male (St Louis)

If the phrase work hard play hard had a personality attached then this gentleman would definitely be it. Based in St. Louis, our client is very industrious 5 foot 7 gentleman who loves to enjoy life whenever he’s in Kenya thrice a year. He used to be a general manager in a real estate firm in Kenya before moving to the States and cutting his teeth within the pharmaceutical industries.
Two successful careers in one lifetime. And he’s only 49.And he did it all while raising and educating his child to the current university level.

As an open minded and non-judgmental gentleman, his strongest value is honesty. Words cannot describe how intensely he values honesty above all else. And as a woman, we’re sure you appreciate how rare it can be to find a man who’s most important value is honesty. His ideal match is aged 28-40 who believes in traditional marriage roles and values honesty in her man.