Current Clients Females


Bubbly Happy Lady

This bubbly young lady is the prime definition of happiness. Her positive disposition would light up any room. And if that wasn’t enough, her happy bubbly nature is rivaled only by her good heart. As evidenced by her career in social work.


When this bubbly 28 year old is not cooking you a great meal or baking you something as sweet as her personality, she’s traveling and discovering new places and experiences.


So if you’re a tall mature 30 to 39 year old gentleman with a good sense of humor, Your soulmate is here to help you smile through whatever you’re going through. Time to set up that dinner date.




Kenya Based Romantic

You are going to think our client is perfect with every line you read. Just like a fairy tale, this young 33 year old lady is a romantic looking for a hopeless romantic.

She has a 4 year old daughter who is cheerful and respectful. And what would a fairy tale love story be without a desire to hopefully add a few members to the beautiful family down the line? She considers you, her 35-45 year old match, her King. And while she wants something long term, she is not interested in marriage.

At a height of 5’6, she’s looking to thoroughly enjoy your company as you partake in activities like travelling, watching movies and playing the occasional board game. She is straightforward and honest. Is she perfect? No. Just absolutely perfect, for you.



Ugandan Beau

We are excited to announce a new search. What is this 34 year old Ugandan beau like? Extremely Loving, her 10 year old daughter can attest to that. Are you an avid Christian? Wow, she is too! Nothing stronger than a relationship built on Christ, you know that.

This procurement specialist is nothing but positive and encouraging. On your first date you’ll notice that she has a great sense of humor and is very easy to talk to. Because you’re an intelligent and driven gentleman and therefore a good judge of character, you might find yourself falling for her dazzling smile right there and then. And that’s perfectly fine. Because what’s meant to be is meant to be.

Do you enjoy spending time with your friends and family? Do you by any chance enjoy traveling, reading and watching interesting movies? So does she! Look at the two of you, a match made in heaven.

Let’s set up the date.



Queen Fit For a King

We are excited to announce a new search. Let us know if this describes you. You are over 57 years old and love to live a healthy lifestyle. Gym, healthy diet, the works. Being an empty nester, you look forward to travelling and enjoying life with your woman. You’ve always been a straightforward gentleman who communicates respectfully and truthfully. You love learning about new stuff and applying it in your real life. Whether it be creativity projects like home decor and painting or personal self improvement projects.

What if we told you that there’s a woman out there for you. Actually, not out there, right here. And you don’t have to convince her of anything because she’s already an honest relationship communicator with a love for the gym and a healthy lifestyle. Sounds awesome right? As a man, nothing feels better than being on a self improvement journey and having a quiet polite warm woman beside you taking the journey with you. You the King and her your Queen. Because you’re a mature gentleman who believes in traditional marriage values, this young 57 year old lady is absolutely perfect for you. You’ll see for yourself.